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Pour Some Sake in your Wineglass

wineglassOver the years, Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, has continued to gain popularity all across the globe. As a part of the Japanese cuisine traditions, sake has been introduced to many foreign cultures and diets, which resulted in inventions like new combinations of sake and food. However it seems the best finding in sake’s introduction to the world was the advantage of drinking sake from a wineglass instead of a traditional small cup.

A wineglass helps share the subtle aroma, colors, and viscosity of sake which are more difficult to fully recognize in traditional sake vessels. Many Japanese were amazed to know that a glass of sake, in some cases, tasted more graceful than a small cup of sake. Just like with traditional grape based wine, the wineglass, extracts the most complex inner characters of sake. Next time you have sake, try it in a wineglass and let us know what you think!