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Winners of the 2014 Fine Sake Awards Japan

SakeThe 2014 Fine Sake Awards Japan awarded 26 Grand Gold Medals and 125 Gold Medals to the most outstanding sakes made in Japan this year.

The Fine Sake Awards Japan does not solely focus on assessing the quality of sake. This blind tasting competition is supported by sake evangelists and other specialists who recognize the popularity of sake and its culture and are dedicated to spreading the wonders of sake.

This event, inaugurated in 2011, has become one of the biggest sake competitions in Japan with about 200 breweries nationwide handing in some 300 items in total.

The judges received 492 entries from the record-high number of 227 breweries in the fourth year of this event. Fair and strict examination resulted in 25 Grand Gold Medals and 125 Gold Medals (award rate 30.5 %).

The winner of the Grand Gold Medal will be offered in the First Class air travel section of all Nippon Airways flights for a specific time. The award ceremony & reception was held at Academy Hills (Roppongi, Minato ward) on April 22.

Grand Gold Medal Winners for The 2014 Fine Sake Awards Japan

Sake name Brewery
Ryozeki Junmai Ryozeki Co., Ltd.
Toko Junmaiginjo Genshu Sake-Toko Ltd.
Watarai Tokubetsu junmai Dewanosato Wataraihonten Co., Ltd.
Hakurosuishu Tokusen junmaishu Takenotsuyu Sakagura Co., Ltd.
Horai Junmai ginjo Kadentsukuri Watanabe Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Hakuteki Junmai ginjo Jimyoshu S.Imanishiki Co., Ltd.
Bizenomachi Daiginjo Koyama Honke Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Konishi Daiginjo Hiyashibori Konishi Brewing Company, Ltd.
Yamatanmasamune Ginjo-shu Yagi-Shuzobu Co., Ltd.