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Kura (Brewery)

SakéOne is one of America’s first craft saké producers and have been brewing high-quality saké in Oregon for more than two decades. Tapping into the idyllic waters of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, they brew pure, premium saké at our dedicated Kura (a.k.a. brewery) under the supervision of brewmaster Takumi Kuwabara. Between their Oregon Craft saké brands—Momokawa, Moonstone, and g Saké—SakéOne has won more awards than any other saké company in America.

Toji (Brewmaster)

In 2018 they welcomed a new Toji, Takumi Kuwabara. With extensive experience in U.S. saké brewing, Takumi specializes in premium, high-end saké including Ginjo and Daiginjo styles. Takumi takes the place of SakéOne’s former brewmaster, Greg Lorenz, a 2017 James Beard Award semifinalist, who was with SakéOne since 2002. Takumi comes to SakéOne with more than 25 years of saké brewing experience in both Japan and the U.S. Most recently, Takumi worked as the production area manager for Takara Sake USA where he built a reputation as one of the only Daiginjo saké makers outside of Japan. After refining his craft and spending more than 13 years with the Yaegaki Shuzo Corporation in Japan, Takumi joined Yaegaki’s U.S. branch in 2004 as a production manager. His move to SakéOne is motivated by his desire to focus his brewing on exclusively high-end, premium saké as well as the favorable location in Forest Grove, OR., where SakéOne has been producing saké for more than two decades. Takumi grew up in the rural countryside of Japan and chose to relocate his family to Portland, as he felt it reflected the values of his childhood home.