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    Momokawa Organic Nigori

    Chill and serve with spicy foods, chocolate and rich barbecue or simply on its own as a organically decadent treat… TASTING NOTES Momokawa Organic Nigori features rich and silky layers of coconut and cream with a big burst of fresh pineapple and a hint of banana. Shake well and serve chilled. SUGGESTED PAIRINGSSpicy noodles & soups, tropical fruits and poultry.

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    Kura (Brewery) SakéOne is one of America’s first craft saké producers and have been brewing high-quality saké in Oregon for more than two decades. Tapping into the idyllic waters of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, they brew pure, premium saké at our dedicated Kura (a.k.a. brewery) under the supervision of brewmaster Takumi Kuwabara. Between their Oregon Craft saké brands—Momokawa, Moonstone, and g Saké—SakéOne has won more awards than any other saké company in America. Toji (Brewmaster) In 2018 they welcomed a new Toji, Takumi Kuwabara. With extensive experience in U.S. saké brewing, Takumi specializes in premium, high-end saké including Ginjo and Daiginjo styles. Takumi takes the place of SakéOne’s former brewmaster, Greg…

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    Manatsuru Brewery

    Manatsuru was established in 1751 and became legendary in 1998 when the current toji took over and won every gold medal in sight.  • This sake embraces a truly purist philosophy; undiluted, unfiltered, unblended, pure rice sake made in the risky and labor intensive ancient yamahai method. • Toji Izumi-san is on a quest to push the envelope of sake’s flavor, structure, and appeal as we know it today. He has been quoted as saying “It is more important to be the only one than to be number one.” • This is a true microbrewery; with three total employees making 200 koku annually (4,000 x 9L cases) Brewery Name: Manatsuru BreweryBrewery Founded:…

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    Noriyoshi Nagai’s Sake Empire

    “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” Confucius Sake, the potent confluence of spring-fed water and grains of rice, has been an integral part of Japanese society, and Noriyoshi Nagai’s family tradition for six generations. “It  is a historical beverage consisting of rice and water; it is not just a business, everything I produce are like my children,” Nagai said. Nestled in a valley among the snowcapped Mount Hotaka range, Kawaba village (Gunma prefecture) is a postcard-perfect setting. Lush green foliage, crisp cool air and the clear spring water flowing down the streams, which Nagai recalls, became the source of inspiration for his ancestor Shoji Nagai, who founded the…

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    Kizakura Brewery

    Tozai is the authentically Japanese sake that bridges the gap between East and West and is an invitation for all to enjoy Japanese sake. • Tozai’s style is approachable for sake pros and novices alike, taking sake out of the “special occasion” category and making it an everyday drink. • Each Tozai sake is a classic representation of its style and grade. • Be transported to Japan just by looking at Tozai—the labels feature hand-painted koi fish, traditional Japanese kanji, and origami paper patterns. Brewery Name: Kizakura BreweryToji (master brewer): Yoshinori WakaiBrewery Location: Kyoto